Software from an AHRC funded research project into multichannel audio presentation systems (focussing on BEAST) that I lead at the University of Birmingham, along with my colleague Jonty Harrison, and Sergio Luque. This includes BEASTmulch System, our concert presentation software, BEASTmulchLib, a SuperCollider class library for multichannel routing, processing, and spatialisation, De-Interleaver, an application for de-/interleaving multichannel sound files, and a number of SC UGens (VBAP, Loris, etc.).

Downloads and more information are available here.


Teabox UGens - UGens for using Electrotap’s Teabox sensor interface in SuperCollider. Working fine, but a beta release for the time being. Universal Binaries for OSX. Source included, so it should be easy to build them for Windows or Linux.

See also BEASTMulch above.


JavaGran - An online sound granulator with pedagogical (and fun) intentions. Sourcecode available upon request.

Legacy SC (SC 2.x, Mac OS 9; needless to say not supported)

PodBuf - Granulators in the Style of Barry Truax's PODX System

    Stand alone applications - for Mac OS9; supports ASIO. 1.3 MB

SuperCollider Code

    Classes and Help Files - for SC2.2.x; includes PodBuf, PodBufMon, KSRes (a Karplus-Strong Style Resonator class),

    SynthDict, and SynthList (convienence subclasses with methods for controlling Synths from a higher scope).