Headphone Workflows for Multichannel Composition

To all of my multichannel sound and electroacoustic music composer and/or educator friends out there, I know a lot of us will be struggling to continue this kind of work (or support our students) while studios are closed.

To this end, I’ve knocked together some REAPER templates showing how one might do this on headphones using the free IEM plugin suite and binaural decoding. These show both a simple straightforward ambisonic workflow, and how to work in common fixed formats such as a French-style 8 channel ring. Includes some crappy test files. Should be easy to adopt to say 5.1 or other DAWs, etc.

Also includes the world’s worst screencast, again put together in haste. It’s my first one, so be kind. Apologies for all the ums!

Please feel free to share. Hope it’s of use!

Materials: http://scottwilson.ca/files/Multichannel-Remote-Working-Resources.zip