Experimental Electronic Music Diversity Resources

Below are a number of resources I have collected for those (curators, researchers, practitioners) interested in expanding their knowledge of the diversity of practice and practitioners in what I’ll loosely call ‘experimental electronic music’. This is by no means exhaustive, and only very lightly curated, i.e. I’ve included pretty much anything/anyone I’ve come across that I thought might be of interest. If your favourite artist (or you)/etc. isn’t here, let me know and I’ll add them! If anyone is keen on helping with the project let me know and I can get you edit rights.

I’d particularly draw people’s attention to the General Resources section. Part of what’s here comes from exploring those, and they may do a better or more complete job than what’s here (perhaps with a broader or more focussed approach), depending on what you’re looking for. The Institute for Composer Diversity and the Syrphe African and Asian Alternative Database are excellent examples.