Dark Matter Screen cap

Dark Matter with Esprit Orchestra

I’m extremely excited that Esprit Orchestra and Alex Pauk will be premiering my new piece for orchestra, electronics and video (a spin off from our Dark Matter project with BEER and CERN) as part of their season finale on April 15th in Toronto. In advance of that I’ll be giving workshops at the Ontario Science …


Urgent Voices

So excited about this event with Continuum, performances December 8-9th in Toronto. Includes the premiere of From the Diaries of William Lyon Mackenzie King, a project/concept that I’ve been coming back to in different forms for 20 years or so. It’s been great collaborating again with the wonderful Alexandra Oliver, and for the first time with the …


Kelp Road at Sonologues

Kelp Road will be presented as part of Sonologues on the super cool 16 channel Redshift Array. The event runs November 21-28 at the Roundhouse in Vancouver and also includes pieces by Annette Brosin, Christopher Reiche, Mike WT Allen, Jordan Nobles, and Colin MacDonald. Kelp Road should be on 4-10 PM on the 22nd.


BEER on tour in Falmouth

BEER will present a performance of Dark Matter as part of Falmouth University’s lunchtime concert series on October 17th. We’ll be around the day before giving a workshop on live coding. Looking forward to having Norah Lorway back in the group! More tour dates to come…


NoiseLab – BEAST

A multichannel concert with NoiseLab in Bristol; details here… To include works by myself, Annie Mahtani, James Carpenter, Jonty Harrison, and Zlatko Baracskai. Earlier in the day I’m doing a talk on the history and practice of spatial audio.


Kelp Road Concert and Installation

My collaboration with Anne Parouty is on show until early May in the Bramall Music Building Foyer at the University of Birmingham. This is an audiovisual installation consisting of Anne’s beautiful cyanotype prints of kelps, and sounds derived from numerous recording trips to Wales. This is the culmination of two years of work, so we’re …