BEAST FEaST 2017 Figure | Landscape | Seascape | Sky

Delighted that the latest instalment of BEAST FEaST will take place April 27 – 29th, with featured guests Paula Matthusen, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, and Sarah Farmer, the Pestova/Roche/Rees Trio, and a keynote by Simon Emmerson. Having sat it out the last few times I’ve actually got some things in myself this year! The Kelp Road installation will still be up, and the accompanying concert piece will make an appearance as well. In addition Xenia Pestova, Heather Roche and Carla Rees (three of my all time favourite partners in crime!) will premiere my new short piece, LOW (In memoriam L. Cohen) as part of the Friday lunchtime concert. Hope to see you all there!

Kelp Road Installation