art@CMS invitation


Hot on the heels of our performance in Athens Konstantinos Vasilakos and I will be representing BEER at the art@CMS Summer Vernissage at CERN, performing our Dark Matter project. June 22nd, 18:30 CMS point 5, Cessy, France. Thanks to Angelos Alexopoulos and Maurizio Pierini for their ongoing enthusiasm and help.


Poznań Spring

I’ll be giving a solo live coding performance in Poland as part of the long running Pozńan Spring festival on March 20th. It’s at Sala Błękitna, Akademia Muzyczna im.  Ignacego Jana Paderewskiego, at 17:00. Thanks to the always amazing Lidia Zielińska, whose music is featured elsewhere in the festival, for inviting me.


BEER: Dark Matter

The first stage of our ongoing collaboration with the Art@CMS project at CERN will have an initial outing in the University’s Arts and Sciences Festival, Thursday March 17, 7:30PM at Birmingham Open Media. We’ll be sonifying data from the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. Here’s a cap of some work in …


New Folk Songs Project with BCMG

The closing event of the CrossCurrents Festival on February 20th will be a concert by the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, including the premiere of a collaborative song cycle inspired by Berio’s Folk Songs and involving numerous composers: Michael Zev Gordon, Joe Cutler, Ed Bennett, Daria Kwiatkowska, Judith Weir, Richard Baker, Charlotte Bray, Howard Skempton, Federico Favali, Patrick Giguere, …