Field recording

Talk at Creative Responses to Place workshop

I’ve been invited to present a talk called Space in Electronic Music in Space: An Informal Introduction to a Convoluted Problem at the Creative Responses to Place workshop at Keele University, July 4th. This will focus on different aspects of space in (especially electronic) music, with some examples from my own stuff. Should be an …

art@CMS invitation


Hot on the heels of our performance in Athens Konstantinos Vasilakos and I will be representing BEER at the art@CMS Summer Vernissage at CERN, performing our Dark Matter project. June 22nd, 18:30 CMS point 5, Cessy, France. Thanks to Angelos Alexopoulos and Maurizio Pierini for their ongoing enthusiasm and help.


Poznań Spring

I’ll be giving a solo live coding performance in Poland as part of the long running Pozńan Spring festival on March 20th. It’s at Sala Błękitna, Akademia Muzyczna im.  Ignacego Jana Paderewskiego, at 17:00. Thanks to the always amazing Lidia Zielińska, whose music is featured elsewhere in the festival, for inviting me.


BEER: Dark Matter

The first stage of our ongoing collaboration with the Art@CMS project at CERN will have an initial outing in the University’s Arts and Sciences Festival, Thursday March 17, 7:30PM at Birmingham Open Media. We’ll be sonifying data from the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. Here’s a cap of some work in …


New Folk Songs Project with BCMG

The closing event of the CrossCurrents Festival on February 20th will be a concert by the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, including the premiere of a collaborative song cycle inspired by Berio’s Folk Songs and involving numerous composers: Michael Zev Gordon, Joe Cutler, Ed Bennett, Daria Kwiatkowska, Judith Weir, Richard Baker, Charlotte Bray, Howard Skempton, Federico Favali, Patrick Giguere, …